Safety is the highest priority on all projects at Fusion Wireless Inc. We instruct and ensure all of our employees to adhere to all OSHA safely policies. 

Fusion takes the safety of every person extremely seriously, from our employees to our clients to anyone with whom we come into contact on a jobsite. We hold our employees to the highest standards, and ensure they are held accountable for their actions. To keep our employees up-to-speed on the ever changing and updating safety policies, not only for Fusion, but within the entire industry, we hold regular safety policy and procedure meetings where any changes are thoroughly discussed. 

Fusion's Safety Policy places strict emphasis on the following:

  • ​
    ​                                  1. ​Zer0 Accident Program.
                                      2. Training, which includes: JSA/JHA, Management performing site                                            safety audits, RF awareness, in house COMTRAIN Climbing and Rescue                           training, OSHA 10 and 30 Courses, First Aid/CPR certifications                                              and more.
                                       3. All Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is to be                                                        implemented at all times with proper maintenance. Fusion                                                    employees are required to wear proper hard hats, eye wear,                                                steel/composite toe work shoes, high-vis clothing, among other                                            forms of PPE.
                                       4. Fusion Wireless Inc. Accident Calling Tree to be kept on site at all                                        times.
                                       5. All job sites must be kept as a clean working environment.
                                       6. Foremen conduct daily tailgate meetings prior to commencing                                              work. This helps crews identify and plan for potential hazards that                                        they may run into that day.
                                       7. All employees working at an elevated height are required to utilize                                        the proper fall-arrest equipment at all times - FREE CLIMBING IS                                        NOT PERMITTED AT FUSION WIRELESS INC.
    8. Ongoing maintenance and proper storage of all tools, materials and vehicles.
    9. Always practice safe driving habits.

Keeping our employees and all others as safe as possible is a leading priority for Fusion Wireless Inc. We make it one of our goals to ensure we maintain our "Zer0 Accident" policy,

a program designed to eliminate any risk or danger on a jobsite.


"Striving to be the construction company by which all others are measured."