"Striving to be the construction company by which all others are measured."

Ed Wagner

Ed is responsible for maintaining site and turnover completion. On site almost daily, Ed will serve as a middle man between the crews and the customer. Ed is also the lead point of contact during the site acquisition phase and the bidding process.

Gary butler

Gary is one of our on-site foremen, as well as our Field Coordinator. Gary specializes in sweep and PIM testing, structural modifications, fiber troubleshooting and a variety of other areas.

Pedro grande

Pedro is the crew lead construction foreman. He is responsible for managing his crews and upholding our strict standards for quality and safety.


Fusion Wireless Inc. strives to provide the best services in the telecommunication industry. It is out goal to be the construction company by which all others are measured. 

our leadership team

Our leader

tim barnes

Tim Barnes is the President of Fusion Wireless. A native of Columbia, MD, Tim has been working in the telecommunications industry since 2002.

Tim founded Fusion Wireless Incorporated in 2008, with the goal of becoming the number one telecommunication construction company in the industry. 

Since 2008, Fusion Wireless Inc. has established itself as one of the best in the industry. With a variety of capabilities and skilled crews, Fusion has the tools to help, no matter what your project requires.


Project Manager


At Fusion Wireless Inc, we've spent a great deal of time perfecting our project, construction and financial management skills to ensure each is as effective as possible.


We pride ourselves on completing our sites with the highest levels of quality and efficiency. At Fusion, we have a very strict set of standards by which each employee is held accountable.